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People often ask how the spaces in The Center were named.  One goal we had when designing The Center was that it should be a place of honor: it honors Kathy Taft, it honors educators in Pitt County Schools, and it honors the State of North Carolina.  Room and space names are intended to acknowledge some of the unique and important characteristics and contributions of Pitt County to our state and of North Carolina to our nation.  Below read about how we have tried to acknowledge everything from the ocean to the mountains, to important historical events, to the important educational institutions in our state.



The entry to the The Kathy Taft Center was designed specifically to help our guests and visitors to the building feel valued and special.  Immediately upon entering they are greeted with an open lobby featuring comfortable designer seating, including a high table for group dialogue and conversation.  The daily schedule is visible on a large 60" TV, and one entire wall is dedicated to honoring Kathy Taft, helping to secure her legacy as a champion for public education in North Carolina in general and Pitt County Schools in particular.


These rooms honor two of the beautiful mountain ranges in the western part of the state while also acknowledging Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  ASU repeatedly ranks among the top two universities in North Carolina in terms of numbers of education graduates. 

The Appalachian Room, along with its twin sister the Blue Ridge room, are both normally configured for 30 people but can be expanded to seat up to 36. The rooms features rear and front projection with both wired and wireless connectivity.  Wireless presenter lapel-style microphones are also available upon request. 



The city of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is home to The University of North Carolina, the first public university to open its doors in the United States back on January 15, 1795.  Since then, UNC-Chapel Hill has consistently been ranked as one of the top public universities in the nation.   

With a legacy like that, it's no wonder the largest room in the building is The Carolina.  With the capacity to hold up to 96 people in a standard training formation, this room has two front projection screens to allow for optimal viewing from anywhere in the room, as well as a side projection screen, all with wired or wireless connectivity. Wireless presenter lapel-style microphones are also available upon request.  The room can also be re-set to reset to allow for public style board meetings with a lecture for public speakers.


When you need a space for larger than 36 people but you're not quite ready for The Carolina, we can combine the Appalachian and Blue Ridge rooms.  With a standard setup for 60 people, this space will seat up to 72 by brining in extra tables and chairs.  The combined space is possible through the use of the special Sky Fold wall, a unique feature which divides the rooms and offers near-perfect soundproofing between them, folding into the ceiling when the larger space is needed.  Pitt County School's Kathy Taft Center is only the fourth site for a Sky Fold wall in the Greenville area, and the first building operated by a K-12 education system on the eastern side of the state with this state-of-the-art feature.

The Wall.jpeg


East Carolina University, the home of the pirates, was originally chartered in 1907 as East Carolina Teachers College. Now the fourth largest university in the state, and still one of the top two annually in terms of numbers of education graduates, ECU has had a transformative impact on Greenville and Pitt County.  

Designed specifically for collaboration, brainstorming, and smaller trainings, The Buccaneer Room is normally configured for 18 individuals.  It has a  large screen TV for displaying presentations and floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls to allow for maximum thinking space.


North Carolina is known for both its mountains and its beaches. Those who live along the coast know the sea is a source of livelihood for many North Carolinians.  So we acknowledge the sea by naming our conference room after one of the most beautiful and exotic of all sea creatures: the sailfish.  

This formal, executive conference room features seating for 14 people around a powered conference table. It includes a 70" HDTV with both wired and wireless connectivity plus three glass marker boards to allow for public note-taking, brainstorming, and collaborating.  The room also has its own drink station with a coffee maker, tea station, glass pitchers for water, and mugs and water glasses.  The room features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing the room to be filled with natural light.



North Carolina State University in Raleigh is one of the nation's premier universities. To acknowledge the importance of NCSU to the state and nation, we have named one of our huddle spaces The Den, in honor of the Wolfpack.

This huddle space is an ideal work-area for small group collaboration and meetings of up to 5 individuals. Featuring a large-screen TV with both wired and wireless connectivity, a Zoom video-conference system, and two glass marker boards, this space provides an ideal environment for collaboration, planning, reflecting, and meeting, both locally and with individuals from around the world.


On December 17, 1903 the Wright brothers were the first people in history to achieve sustained, controlled, powered heavier-than-air manned flight in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.  This moment serves as one of the seminal events in all of human history (not to mention it happened exactly 73 years to the day prior to the birth of one of The Center's original co-directors!).  

This huddle space is an ideal work-area for small group collaboration and meetings.  The powered table offers teams the ability for work for an extended time with devices without having to worry about battery performance.  It also includes a large glass-markerboard for public note-taking and brainstorming, and a 21" monitor for individuals to attach a laptop or other digital device.  The space is filled with natural light, as it is just 15 feet from the floor-to-ceiling windows at the front of the building and is truly a place where, like the Wright brothers before them, individuals can make ideas soar and come to life.

First Flight.jpeg
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